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Little Milestones

Healthy habits start here.

Expecting Moms


Congratulations!  If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, your oral health is very important to you and your baby.  Healthy smiles for your baby begin during pregnancy.


Research shows that the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease in a mother's mouth can easily be passed to her child.  Unhealthy gums and teeth have also shown negative effects in unborn children.


Excellent oral hygiene and even dental cleanings are a great during pregnancy.  If needed, the best time to receive dental treatment (fillings, etc.) is before becoming pregnant, but x-rays and treatment can still be completed safely in the 2nd trimester.  This is after your child’s organ formation is complete in the first trimester, but before you start feeling especially uncomfortable laying down in a dental chair during the third trimester.  Emergency dental treatment can safely be completed during any trimester if needed.


Here are a few recommendations during your pregnancy:


If you suffer from morning sickness we recommend rinsing your mouth with 1 tsp of baking soda mixed in a cup of water to prevent erosion of your tooth enamel. Instead of sugary treats, try snacking on more nutrient-filled foods such as raw veggies, hummus, yogurt, nuts, cheese or fruit.  It is important to continue taking a daily prenatal vitamin to make sure your baby is getting the vitamins and minerals that are crucial to fetal development.


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Healthy Habits Start Here

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