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Milestone Kids Dentistry patientsTreating pediatric patients and patients with special needs can be very challenging.  In certain circumstances, behavior management techniques alone can be inadequate to safely and successfully treat our patients.  In these cases, there are several different forms of sedation that can be of help:


What is sedation dentistry?

Specialists in pediatric dentistry use a variety of techniques to provide the best treatment experience for your child. Pharmacological sedation options have been used for many years to improve the delivery of dental care so that kids have more enjoyable visits to the dentist. Recommendations of which medication to be used are based on the child’s age, level of anxiety, amount of dental work that needs to be completed and length of appointment.


What is Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen?

Nitrous oxide (Laughing gas) is mixed with oxygen as a mild sedative to help create a better treatment experience for your child.  It helps make placement of local anesthetic more comfortable.  It also helps relax the gag reflex and can calm an anxious child.  Nitrous is safe to use and its effects wear off within minutes.


What is Oral Conscious sedation?

The use of a sedative medication and nitrous oxide to relax a child without the loss of consciousness. This technique is used for children who may have higher levels of dental anxiety either due to their age, behavior, or special needs.  In some cases, the sedative medication can have the opposite effect leading to negative behavior, which may result in a change in the treatment plan.


What is general anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a deeper level of sedation used for children with extensive treatment needs, young children with challenging behavior, children with special needs, or children with certain medical conditions.  An anesthesiologist will give your child the medication that will make them sleep soundly during the procedure while closely monitoring their vital signs.  This method allows for the dentist to complete all needed treatment in one visit in a manner that is not traumatic or scary for the child.

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