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Little Milestones

Healthy habits start here.

Milestones for 15-18 Year Olds


  • These high school years are the peak for independence which means it is also the peak for tooth decay, gingivitis, and sometimes even the start of gum disease.  Peer Pressure continues to play a large role in many decisions teens make.


  • During their checkups, we will teach your teen tips for keeping them cavity-free and discuss their oral hygiene progress.  If your teen is still struggling to brush well, continue to double check their brushing and flossing at home.  Seriously.


  • High school is also a critical time to touch up sealants and reinforce personal oral hygiene habits before graduation.


  • Sodas, sports drinks, and energy drinks and junk food are consumed by many teens, and healthier options are encouraged.


  • If your teen has not been to the orthodontist yet, make sure that they get their screening appointment very soon.  Even if your teen has relatively straight teeth, we recommend that they get screened by an orthodontist at least once during their growing years just to make sure.


  • Your teen should be evaluated for possible wisdom teeth removal during this period.  Proper diagnosis requires a Panoramic x-ray to confirm the positioning of the teeth and the timing of removal if necessary.


  • Many teens start tobacco habits in their teen years that can be harmful to the mouth and teeth.


  • Oral piercings are also common with this age group.



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Healthy Habits Start Here

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