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Little Milestones

Healthy habits start here.

Milestones for 10-14 Year Olds


  • Kids are gaining more independence at this age and making more decisions regarding their diet and oral health.  This often leads to an increase in tooth decay and gingivitis during these years.


  • During their checkups, we will teach your child tips for keeping them cavity-free and inform them of their oral hygiene progress.  If your child is still struggling to brush well, continue to double check their brushing and flossing.


  • Sodas, sports drinks, and energy drinks and junk food are consumed by many teens and healthier options are encouraged.


  • During these years children will get their 12-year molars.  Just like the 6-year molars, they tend to have deep grooves, and sealants are recommended to prevent cavities on the biting surface of these teeth.


  • Most children lose their back-of-the-mouth baby teeth during these years.  You should encourage your child to help wiggle out any loose baby teeth to avoid two rows of teeth at the same time (also known as “shark teeth”).  If you can’t wiggle out the baby tooth, or aren’t sure whether the loose tooth is a baby tooth or an adult tooth, make an appointment with us for an evaluation.


  • If your child has not had their orthodontic screening visit yet they should get that done soon.  It is important that the orthodontist have the opportunity to coordinate braces or oral appliances in conjunction with your child’s growth spurt to give them the best possible result.


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Healthy Habits Start Here

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